Justin Trudeau plays off the politics of division. He pits Canadians against each other, demoralizes our country, and waters down what it means to be Canadian.
As I wrote in my Sun column today, he’s the most divisive figure in Canadian politics.
Trudeau’s weaponization of cultural relativism, political correctness and identity politics led me to write an essay on Canadian identity. Its thesis, in short, is that unity is our strength.
I was delighted that Conservative politicians were sharing my essay and using its message.
My goal at True North has always been to articulate Canadian values and try to influence political discussions and public policy.
I sent an email earlier today commending MP Maxime Bernier for his willingness to discuss the ideas the True North champions, and his willingness to fight back — against Trudeau, against the media, and even, sometimes, against other Conservatives.
But just like with Canadian identity, partisan politics requires unity. As conservatives, and when it comes to partisan politics, we should focus on what unites us: dedication to individual liberty and personal responsibility, limited government and free market principles, protecting public safety and national security, combating terrorism and illiberal cultural forces, and, of course, our love of Canada.
We should challenge the framework of political movements in Canada, push for more openness and freedom when discussing political ideas, and always defend our principles and ideas.
But dividing conservatives only emboldens the opposition.
Bernier leaving the Conservative Party of Canada is good news for the Liberals, and bad news for patriotic and freedom-loving Canadians.
It’s an unfortunate decision, and, while True North stays out of partisan politics, it’s important to state that a united Conservative movement is the only way to ensure that Justin Trudeau isn’t given another four years to undermine our freedom, our security and our democratic values.
Unity is our strength.
Candice Malcolm