We in today’s society are told that more aliens sightings than anytime in history, we need to look at why this is, my research leads me to believe that this is right, however they have been mislabeled. These aliens are spirits or entities however we chose to call them.

In our past history we know that we  have been taught in Genesis 6:2 that the sons of God were fallen angels, we also see this in Job 1:6, 2 Peter 2: 4,5 . The churches as well as the governments mislead us into thinking that these are aliens, there are a lot of stories of UFO sightings of aliens and crafts, the alien craft sightings are faked by the governments with trickery using the Blue Beam Project. This has been going on for many years, we can not deny the secrets that are coming to light, for many people they find this to be unbelievable. All the secrets that are surfacing daily are a result of the government cover up over the last 80 years, the governments needed a way to confuse the people with unimportant news and to turn us against each other across the world, they might even incite an alien attack fake of coarse. Then and only then will they change to the new world order, all they are doing now is moving the system in place with cashless, martial law, one world religion, and so on. We will never see a world like we had in the past it will only get worse from here on out.

However the true Christians that believe in Yahuveh, we do know what is coming and we will not be lost like the people who value material things over morals.

The fallen angels are mentioned many times throughout the Bible, society calls these aliens which is not what they are,they are fallen angels and demons. Society chooses to refer to them as aliens partly due to the misinformation that the governments said to lead us a stray from the truth. The alien crafts are a lie based on the information from the government with the Blue Beam Project and the Holographic disclosure which is a project of the new world order,if we think about it  fallen angels and demons are spirits, why would they need spaceships? We all know with a little research that area 51 has crafts like that.

As we look at the society in the 21 century we see that anything that is morally right is degraded in the main streem of society, it is no wonder that there is a hatred against Christians, governments are more concerned in protecting the part of society that causes turmoil and incites violence, this is who the governments are protecting. The new world order government only wants followers who will obey their masters.

This is not a war that we can win by force, it is a war for our souls it is all about what our beliefs are, there is believing in Yahuveh or Lucifer, Lucifer stands for everything evil, corrupt, all worldly things you can’t have when you die on the other hand all Yahuveh asks is for you to follow His word and believe that His Son Yahushua died for your sins. In these times we really need to be on guard and not be corrupted with the lies that confuse us.

All of the fallen angels and demons are deceivers, they all work towards leading us away from Yahuveh and they will use any means to deceive us. They even use other people to corrupt the minds of society and the governments say that aliens are visiting us, and there will come a time that many will be mislead in the belief that this is true.

The grays, annuaki, lizards, and so many others the government labels them, but they are all demons, in Genesis 6:2 it says that the sons of Yahuveh and are fallen angels, and the fallen ones are lead by Lucifer all these angels were cast out of heaven when Lucifer wanted to be worshiped like a god. For this he and one third of his angels were cast out, these are all demons and entities and they are liars and use trickery, the people up to Noah’s time were destroyed because of these evil spirits. These spirits have been roaming around the planet since then to gather believers in Lucifer.

Then some time later after the flood there was another rebellion against Yahuveh over the women of earth, these are called the Watchers they left the first estate to be on earth to  produce offspring with women. These watchers were able to take on human form, the offspring of these watchers were called Nephilliam we know them as giants, these were also the ones who taught skills to man. In the Book of Enoch there were 200 chiefs which were in charge of ten’s of thousands of watchers, this would put their numbers in the hundred’s of thousands that came to earth Enoch chapter 7-15. These passages explain the first watchers, they are also known as the annunaki mentioned in Genesis 6:4.

The watchers are known by many names, rephain, annunaki, sons of annuk, emin, and their offspring were called nephillain, the word means violent, prodigies, monsters. The nephillain and the watchers have the ability to change their shape, the fallen ones are the ones who with the illuminati want to enslave earth.

As much as people want to believe things will get better, it will only get harder this agenda has been in the making for over 400 years. In the end times there will be a leader that will a rise, who will be able to perform miracles , this may include cloning a hybrid using illuminati bloodlines. The anti-christ is going to be half man half fallen angel, because he will perform miracles and hold the attention of the world,and people will be awed by him.

This is a war against us who have morals and have awaken from the matrix, we know that the government has the same agenda as the fallen ones. They have tried many times in the past but the time wasn’t right, this time they are using the Islam ideology and the Muslim belief in their quran to destroy the governments around the world, in the end there will be one government.