Sources here told IANS that the Indian High Commission in Canadian capital Ottawa has lodged a “formal complaint” to Global Affairs-Canada, the foreign office last week, following the open threat to Amarinder Singh and hate speeches.

However, the Khalistani elements were allowed to have a free run and even issued threats on loudspeakers to Amarinder Singh in front of hundreds of people from the Indian community who participated in the April 22 parade. The Canadian provincial police and security agencies were present when all this happened, the sources told IANS.

It is learnt that the complaint pointed out to two Khalistani activists, Inderjit Singh Bains (an ex-office bearer of the Dashmesh Gurdwara, Surrey) and another person from the Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) organization.

British Columbia premier Christie Clark had also attended the parade. The Punjabi Diaspora, particularly Sikhs, form a major vote-bank in the election-bound province.

“These kinds of open and cheap threats show the extent of radicalisation in a relatively small section of the Sikh community in Canada. They endorse our stand of pro-Khalistani leanings of such elements in the Canadian Sikh community. Such brazen threats, and that too against the elected chief minister of a state in another country, should have no place in a democratic polity. It is up to the Prime Minister of Canada and the authorities there to rein in such elements and take preventive action to ensure that things do not get out of hand,” Raveen Thukral media advisor to the Punjab chief minister told IANS.


Ottawa based Canadian Taxpayers Federation said in an e-mail the proportion of time being spent in foreign meetings is not a good use of Canadian Taxes, spending only half days in meetings which raised eye brows in India. This enormous waste needs to be addressed Trudeau’s job demands that he spends as much time in meetings as any other leader.

This visit shows Trudeau’s lack of interest in Canadian citizens also the trade, this trip is all about boosting the esteem of Trudeau in the eyes if the Canadian Sikh community. The seven days he spends in India will go down as another failure to move Canada’s economy forward. The last time Trudeau went for a trip that was not seven days but ten days to China in 2016 at a cost of 1.8 million dollars, this was the most expensive trip in history for a prime minister.

With the amount spent on the trip to China there were no trade deals nor was there jobs for Canadian’s, in the meetings they agreed to oppose protectionism and study other issues. We all know that money could have been put to better use in Canada.