The links provided below are the laws for mail tampering also the theft of mail, also included is the extent of the corruption of the police departments.

Under section 356 of Canada’s law, for tampering with mail boxes it is a jail sentence of 10 years in a federal prison.

Action that can be taken against some one who tampers with mail would be reported to the post master at a post office, however this action will only change where the mail will be picked up once the crime has been reported the mail will no longer be delivered to the box is question, the mail will need to be picked up at the post office.

The federal law for mail tampering carries a prison sentence maximum sentence of 5 years, in addition to a prison sentence people found guilty of mail tampering may only receive a fine up to $5,000. The laws in Canada are investigated by the police departments of each city, it is up to them to enforce the laws. Having said that the Thunder Bay Police Force do not even lift a finger to stop these crimes as well as so many other crimes in Thunder Bay.

Reporting it to Canada Post will put out the recipient to the point where he or she must pick up their mail at the post office, and the problem stops there nothing is investigated as far as the criminal involved with the crime. It seems that the owner of the mail is the only one who is put out, sounds like the honest people are the one who is being punished. For this reason l also included the links about the wide spread corruption in law enforcement. The system of law enforcement has done a 180 degree turn  the citizen must go out of his or her way to have access to their mail. and the criminal walks away free.

If people vote for the liberal’s again, then we can expect more of the same behavior from the government and also the law enforcement officers. It is not only the issue with the mail but all of the laws that are being passed, it is more apparent the more time this broken system is allowed to continue the deeper we will sink down into the corrupt swamp. We are all aware of the facts that the criminals have more rights then the law abiding citizens, as more time passes l feel uneasy because of the lack of protection with the laws that are being passed in Ottawa. There is no consideration for the hard working families with solid moral values.

I fear the direction of the future because of the way the law breakers are allowed to live in society with their criminal behavior and not being punished for their acts, however the law abiding citizens are punished when they try to protect their families.

The Knapp Commission which investigated the NYC Police Dept. says there are 2 types of corrupt officers, one is man-eaters these are who aggressively abuse their policing powers for personal gain, and the other one’s are grass eaters who simply accept the pay-offs without any question.

The most common crimes that are committed by police officers are:

Soliciting and accepting bribes

Falsified evidence

Organized crime

Corruption of authority

Extortion bribery

Theft and Burglary

Shake downs

Fixing and with holding evidence


Direct criminal activities

Internal pay-offs

The frame- up

Ticket fixing

The question that needs to be asked is , why are we funding the law makers and law enforcement when we are not protected from the criminals? We need to wake up from this daze many are in and take action to improve our country and our lives.








Thunder Bay police chief charged with obstruction of justice, breach of trust