This is a difficult time for Canadians to decide who do we stand behind for the 2019 election, it is hard to see through the lies as well as the promise of jobs for Canadians, not jobs as a whole in Canada but jobs for average Canadians.

So many Canadians get excited when election time comes and are mislead by the double talk of the politicians. We need to change our way of getting caught up in the excitement and really listen to the politicians weather they are able to deliver on their promises, or not.

Generally the nation knows if a leader is able to talk the talk, they should be able to walk the walk if they don’t then we will end up with another let down like the liberals did the last election.

l think that we as citizens know who is good for Canada, but l see many vote with their emotions like many did for Trudeau. This just allows leaders into office who have no idea what they are suppose to do for the country. We must stop before marking that X on the ballot and think long and hard if the choice we are about to make will be for the betterment of Canada.

Canadians made a good choice when Doug Ford was elected for premier of Ontario, this shows Canadians are more aware than in 2015. So l as well as many of us who are working to build a better Canada will work on bypassing the lies and to get to the truth, so Canadians will have a better understanding of the politicians who choose to run for the leadership of Canada.

Since l hear so much controversy around Max Bernier l will start with what he stands for not just now but many years ago. l found an article from 2010, it is an interview it is a must watch to get a clear understanding of Max’s ideas as well as the values he holds. l will continue to research to give Canadians a better chance come elections.