A brief history of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau was a drama teacher, he also started a course in engineer which fell by the way side. He supported the liberals from an early age, in 1988 he supported John Turner in the election two years later he defended Canadian Federalism.

The resurgence of the provinces is the new reality for Canada’s Federalism, they control new revenue streams and are experimenting with new policy innovations. They also have the backing of the Supreme Court under Pierre Trudeau federalism was being fought, Pierre said he had no intention of being ” head waiter to the provinces ” his son may be asking, soup  or salad?

On November 4, 2015 Trudeau said that his first legislative priority is to lower taxes for the middle income Canadians, and raise taxes for the top one percent of income earners. What happened? During the election Trudeau made promises to get elected, from November 2015 to January 2018 a very few promises had been kept but the scandals far out weight the promises he made. If  Canadian citizens keep him in office then we will be lied to for another four years, the liberal government will be the only ones who will benefit.

The issues Trudeau said he would address like job growth, lower taxes for the middle income earners, and better relations with Canadians.


During the election the liberal party promised to run a deficit around 10 billion dollars Minister of Finance announced a 29 billion deficit for 2016 and 2017.   THIS IS A FAIL


Trudeau promised an infrastructure plan worth 60 billion dollars spending over the next 10 years, after his win Trudeau announced a 12 year plan at a cost of 180 billion dollars.   THIS IS A FAIL


Public transport, infrastructure in rural communities and northern regions, affordable housing.  THIS IS A FAIL


This is also known as social engineering agenda 21 2030.

Trudeau visits World Economic Form in Davos two months after becoming prime minister he met with Mary Barra Chief Executive of GM, 5 months later he was on hand to hear from GM that 750 engineers would be hired for self driving cars out of the 750 engineers no mention if any will be Canadian workers. At Davos Trudeau also met with Thomson Reuters CEO Jim Smith, later they announced 400 new jobs in the next 2 years to build a Toronto Technology Center the 400 jobs are for the building once done no long time jobs. Trudeau also met with Mirco-soft CEO Satya Nadella 5 months 750 jobs for new hub for high tech giant, 425 jobs for Canadians with the rest for foreign nationals.

Andrew Scheer MP   Leader of the Conservative Party said:  January 2,2018

When Justin Trudeau announced punishing new taxes on farmers, fishermen, and small business. Conservatives fought back launching the Save Business Campaign.

After Justin Trudeau awarded a multimillion dollar cash prize to Omar Khadr it was the Conservatives who stood up with the Canadians, Canadians said this is unacceptable

Conservatives voted against M-103 the liberals continued their push to divide Canadians who voted against this motion.

I think that everyone who reads this will have a better understanding with the extreme left ideology of the liberal government.