Three billion dollars of Canadian tax payers funds to Syria and Afghanistan, there has also been an amount of 2.57 billion that just vanished, or did it go into terrorist hands to fund Islamic Sharia Law.

A report by (SIGAR) US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction gave credence to reports of ghost students, teachers, and schools. Jessica Seguin a spokes woman for Canada Affairs said, that such funds removed by the guilty parties must be held accountable.

Trudeau with the liberal government also gave 25 million to Hamas a known terrorist origination,Trudeau has always favored regimes like Cuba, China, Syria, Afghanistan, why is Trudeau sucking up to regimes that have no value for freedom or rights what he is doing is very un Canadian and for that matter anti-free world.

In November 2016 Trudeau announced that he would be sending another 25 million dollars for aid to UNRWA. UNRWA has a long and sordid history of supporting terrorist.

In 2002 Nidal Nazzai was arrested by Israel Security Police, Nidal admitted to transporting weapons and explosives to Hamas terrorists using UN ambulances. A decade later in 2014 the war between Hamas and Israel terrorists were storing weapons and launching rockets from UNRWA buildings. In 2014 UNRWA Hamas Axis provides an explanation for the extremism, with in local schools the report found that 11 out of 14 positions on the UNRWA teachers union were hold by Hamas members.

Why is Trudeau dragging this country into terrorism? this gives way to the terrorist in the world to come to Canada, the government will defend them. Perhaps we have been mislead by Trudeau, he is not for Canadian values he said best himself in an interview with the New York Times Magazine, Trudeau told the paper that there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.

Just hours after the Boston bombing Trudeau said, instead of condemning terrorists we should look at the root cause of terrorism.

In an article September 2015 Decision Canada to the global news he said that Bill C-24 which allows the government to revoke Canadian citizen ships from individuals convicted of terrorism and other serious crimes, he said he would rescind parts of the Bill. The current penalties are sufficient to deal with these crimes with out involving questions of citizen ships.

If a Canadian commits a terrible crime against this country, well we have penalties for that, we have life in prison , yea way to go Trudeau have the tax payers foot the bill at 130,000 a year per prisoner we have a better idea send them back where they came from. Trudeau said we have several consequences that l don’t know, but it shouldn’t include a plane ticket to some faraway land.

What is the matter with this guy?Why would he say things like that? It doesn’t get any better. Trudeau says that if two individuals who commit the same crime, there maybe a different penalty for one than the other, depending on where their parents were born. What is the difference where their parents were born, he lost me l don’t get it.

January 2016 Trudeau and his ministers gathered in a sea side town to chart a path to success over the next 4 years.  They have terror issues that keep them up at night not because they care, but because we the people have done a very good job in keeping the terrorist in the fore front also in the light for all to see l and so many thank you all, we can’t let up.

In Indonesia the attack took the lives of 6 Canadians and 28 from other countries, it is well known that Al-Quida was behind the attack. There was also a Canadian killed in an Islamic state this was also linked to terrorist attack and this was last week.

Mean while the economic future of Canada continues to loom over the talks, they say despite the uncertainty  the government has promised to move ahead with plans to invest billions in Canada

e billion dollars of Canadian tax payer funds went to Syria and Afghanistan, also 2.57 billion just vanished or did it go into te.

Canada’s failing economy, recent terrorist attacks loom over Liberal government’s first cabinet retreat