Wynne and Sandals had no right to take funds that was for needy students, and use it for a pay raise if there is anything that angers Canadians more is a politician taking funds from education and misusing the funds.Spending tax payers funds to give to the unions for bargaining costs, we should not foot the bill for this reason. If we must than we should be entitled to government help for the costs of electricity, our health, smart meters,etc we won’t hold our breath waiting for the cheque to arrive in our mail boxes, so why should the unions be treated any different.

Corruption infers a blatant disregard for honesty, ethics,or principle this accurately describes Wynne and Sandals their behavior since they were elected.She has a tin ear for listening to the public, questionable decisions, unconcerned about the political fall out from them. She as well as the liberal government spent funds wildly placing the province in suffocating debt, currently at 287.3 billion the interest alone is 11.4 billion a year. She imposed sex education programs even though the parent voices said no, she does things according to her agenda not the majority of the public.

In Sudbury charges were laid against Lougheed for bribing a liberal candidate, the lesbian premier Wynne didn’t want to make it look like it was her idea, so she talked Thibeault having mother and father from 10,000 government forms.There is a reason Wynne remains despite the fallout, her relationship with 100,000 strong teachers and their union. The teachers union poured 800,000 thousand dollars into the liberal party over the last decade. Members, teachers, and their unions are pressured to vote for liberal’s in elections, and also indoctrinate the students as well.

The teachers union spent 6.5 million on vicious attacks on conservative party, the main opponent.Over the past 10 years the liberals paid 66 million to the teachers union for undisclosed reasons, liberals provided teachers unions with rich pay raises, special treatment, and benefits. The cozy relationship between Wynne and the teachers union has been kept from the public, til now. Wynne tells the teachers union that there is no money this year in public, then secretly making deals behind closed doors