The roots of kabbalah were modernized in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag the first master kabbalist to modernize this closely guarded wisdom, as they call it. Kabbalah is an esoteric method discipline and school of thought that originated in Judaism, a kabbalish in Judaism is called a mekubbal. Another name for kabbalah one much more revealing is Torat ha-sod, that is mistranslated as THE SECRET TEACHING, the proper translation means the opposite THE TEACHING OF A SECRET.

To a kabbalist the ultimate paradise is here now, because the infinite light is here now and more than any spiritual realm, this is where the infinite light yearns to be discovered. Our job is to peel away the husk to reveal that light with in each physical artifact of the world, to enlighten not only ourselves but every living being, and even the inert matter of our world. A received wisdom would seem to imply that no room for originality or creativity, the Zohar tells us that one who creates his own ideas and calls them Torah is creating an idol.


Infinite light- is a metaphor for GOD in unknowable and without form, yet all forms come from Him, and GOD is found in darkness as well as light.

Is GOD an it?-Similar to the modern idea of energy and matter, the act of creation is sustained through a dynamics of infinite light compressed into defined states of being called vessels, which then project the light to create a myriad of beings.

It is natural to think that the problem started with Adam and Eve, since you are getting your information from a translation. Joshua Yerushalayim says: the translations is B- Ray sheet Barah ke-lokim et , Joshua claims that it doesn’t mean in the beginning GOD created.

What happened in the beginning was that the infinite one made space within itself for our world, and extended itself into that space but the vessels could not endure the power of that divinity and vessel shattered. It was Adam’s job to repair the damage, but he wanted to prove he could do better than that, and so he ate the fruit.     www.chabad.org/libary jewish kabbalah


Kabbal;ah is a satanic substitute for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Madonna is a big fan of kabbalah, kabbalah is straight from the free mason occult and is based upon occult mysticism from the book of Zohar. It’s teachings offers interpretations of the inner meanings of the Torah. The kabbalah will take you away from Yahushua (Jesus Christ) Jesus was no follower of the kabbalah.

The kabbalah promises many things to help out in your life, by taking away grief, pain, misery, worries, and many other things. On the contrary the word of GOD promises us persecution if we live Godly in Christ we will suffer persecution.  2 Timothy 3:12,  John 15:20 reads the servant is not greater than his Lord, if they have persecuted me, they shall also persecute you.

Kabbalah mysticism is the base of free masonry, rostcrucianism, the illuminati, knights Templar, and others their holy book of Zohar has spell-oils, insense blends produced according to kabbalah, there advertisement on this witch craft site says it all.