Genesis 10: 1—Now these generations of the sons of Noah by the sons born after the flood. by these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their land, everyone after his own tongue, families, and their nations. It is interesting to note that Abraham had 6 sons by his wife Keturah Genesis 25:1. For all the descendants of Abraham they were all considered Gentiles except the descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob, who became known as Hebrew Genesis 14: 13, 39: 14, 41: 12 as Israelites Deut. 5: 1-3 and finally known as Jews.

At Mount Sinai in the wilderness God gave the law of Moses to the Israelites and this law applied to no other nation on earth except those Israelites there at the time,Deut. 5: 1.

The Israelites (Jews) conquered Canaan and became a powerful nation under God’s keeping, at this the kingdom was divided the 10 northern tribes called Israel rebelled against King Rehobaon and appointed their own King Jerebaom, he led them into idolatry. In 721 BC the Assyrians conquered Israel and brought in foreigners, in time the Israelites were mixed and disappeared from history ( the lost ten tribes).

The southern tribe of Judah lasted a while longer but they also fell into idolatry, and were over run by the Babylonians in 606 BC and what came out was known as Jews. In the new testament times it says that anyone who was not a Jew was considered a Greek or a Gentile.

So the blood line for Israel or Jews for that matter was lost before Yahushua died on the cross for our sins, as far as it is in this day and age anyone who truly believes that we sin and ask for forgiveness shall be saved. The chosen from Moses’s time are not with us in this day and age.

Where is the origin of the Gentiles?