It is fair to assume that the Koran is not a Bible as much as it is more like a book of laws, it seems to be more like a criminal law book. Keeping this in mind there are still only three religions, and they have been broken down to the beliefs we see today.

In an article it says that Judaism is the oldest of the three great monotheistic religions, that serve one God. It is said that Judaism is the parent of both Christianity and Islam, in the Christian faith there is only one God and his name is Yahuveh. For the Jewish people who are also known as the Hebrews, they proclaim that Yahuveh revealed His law the Torah. He chose them to be a light for all humanity, the Torah contains 613 commands which are summed up in the Ten Commandments.

The Judaism belief for the Jews is that there will come a Messiah to deliver Israel from her oppressors and usher in peace and prosperity, today many Jews no longer believe that but hope for a messianic age of justice and truth. Judaism consists  of three groups of documents, the law, the prophets, and the writings, Judaism does not accept the New Testament or it’s account of the fulfillment, where as Christians do the Old and the New Testaments.

The Christians believe the wages of sin and the atonement for sin, in Judaism this atonement is accomplished through sacrifices, prayer, religious acts, and the mercy of Yahuveh. The Judaism also does not accept that the Christian teachings that Jesus Christ (Yahushua) is the Messiah fore told in the Old Testament.

Christianity received from Judaism its basic understanding of God, separation from the pagan world in important, but Judaism is not a religion that focuses on a spiritual world they focus on the present world, where life is meant to be rich and full.

In western Europe down to the 13 century or so Christians had a mistaken belief that Muhammad had either been a heretical Christian or that he was a god worshiped by Muslims, some works medieval literature referred to Muslims as pagans or by sobriquets such as the enemy. Depictions such as those in the song of Roland show Muslims praying to a variety of idols, including Apollo, Lucifer, Termagant, and Mahound. When the Knights Templar were being tried for heresy, reference was often made to their worship of a demon Baphomet this is similar to Mahomet the Latin transliteration of Muhammad’s name.

These and other variations on the theme were all set in the temper of the times of the Muslim Christian conflict, as medieval Europe was becoming aware of it’s great enemy in the wake of the quickfire. Success of the Muslims through a series of conquests shortly after the fall of the western Roman Empire, as well as the lack of real information in the west of the mysterious east.

The term remains in limited use in, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Muslims object to the term because, saying that the term was not used by Muhammad himself or by his early followers, and that the religion teaches the worship of Allah alone and not Muhammad or any other of Allah’s prophets.

Islam has and has had many schools (Muhammadiyya) the way of Muhammad is a school of reform that arose in thew 18 century and seeks to redirect and harmonize, (Sufism) philosophy and practices with the authority and example of the prophet.

In Indonesia Muhammadiyah ( followers of Muhammad) is the name of a Sunni socioreligion reform movement that shuns syncretistic and Sufi practices and advocates a return to a purer form of Islam based on the hadith and examples from the life of the prophet. It has adapted institutions such as the Boy Scouts to Islamic ends as the Gerakan Pramuka.

Do Jews and Christians basically have the same religion?