Solar flares produce high energy particles and radiation that is dangerous to living organisms, normally our earth’s magnetic field protects us, but given the lack of protection we face now, we are in a time with the solar minimum and a pole shift, these reasons we are more prone to having protons, electric magnetic radiation, primarily x-rays, and ultra-violet radiation reaching ground level. A few troubling facts: 4 billion dollars in satellite losses major electrical black-outs you are already being affected cost of the air line industry millions of revenue OUR MINDS AND OUR BODIES Have you ever felt strange with out knowing why? According to scientists solar flares do cause changes to human health, such as intense activity has influences on our mind and body. More over scientists are convinced that solar flares affect our mental and physical health, every peak matches an increase incidence of anxiety, depression, bio-polar disorder, and suicide. Psychological effects of a coronal mass ejection can result in headaches, mood swings, and feeling general unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking and erratic behavior also increases at these times. During a sun cycle peak there was a rise in human unrest, uprising, rebellions, revolutions, like we have now. As professor Wheeler further compared his findings, he noticed that it could be traced back 2,500 years Severe geomagnetic storms and solar flares will cause wide spread sleep disturbances and other health issues. This type of solar activity causes effects on the central nervous systems, the stomach lining, brain activity, equilibrium, also anxiety, nervousness, worrisomeness, jitters, dizziness, shakiness, irritability, lethargy, exhausting, short term memory, heart paipitations, nausea, queasiness, prolonged head pressure, and head-aches.

How Solar Flares Affect Human Health – Our Mind And Body


This information is evident that countless people around the world have lodged complaints about the following technologies, that are available to government agencies, defense contractors, and organized crime figures.

THE NEUROPHONE: offered explanations for hearing voices they can induce anything from trickery to hidden transmitters to tinnitus to physic hauntings, possessions, or encounters with God or aliens, also so called schizophrenic episodes are by far more common this is a covert Neurophone harassment.

Today the CIA,DIA,NSA, and other government groups use satellites and ground based equipment to deliver verbal threats, deafening noise, and propaganda using this technology. Anything from TV’s, radio’s appearing to operate when turned off, such as hearing voices from God, and telepathic voices from aliens are all con’s, these technologies are all in place to torment, deceive, and discredit people. The system can mimic anyone’s voice and with computers translation to any language.

People like David Korcsh, Martin Bryant, Mark Chapman repeatedly heard voices before and after silencing the peace advocate, God apparently told him to confess verbally. To explain why others do not pick up the signals please note the following:

Kirlean photography maybe an ancillary system that targets the EM field which is unique to each one of us.

Magnetite in our brains can act as a detectable finger print.

Each one of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in our brains, EMF brain is encoded so that the pulse signal is sent to the target, which only the target experiences.

The individual’s vibrational pattern could be used to tune in the frequency like a radio station.

As for the proof, the definitive answer lies in the actual blue prints. If it wasn’t so effective it would not have been used to facilitate silent communications between the US government agents and the military personal.

The Van Allen Belts are a collection of charged particles held in place by the earth’s magnetic field, the wax and wane in response to incoming energy from the sun, the Belts sometimes swelling up enough to expose satellites in low earth orbit to damaging radiation.

Two donuts of radiation that surrounds earth, called Van Allen Belts have been found to contain a nearly impenetrable barrier that prevents the fastest, most energetic electrons from reaching earth. The Van Allen Belts are a collection of charged particles held in place by earth’s magnetic field.

The barrier of ultra fast moving electrons are remarkable, says Dan Baker. The Belts were first discovered with the launch of the Explorer one in 1958. The inner Belt can stretch from 400 to 6,000 miles above the earth’s surface, and the outer from 8,400 to 36,000 miles. Between the two Belts there is dead space, what keeps them separated? The outer Belt has a highly pronounced edge, and a sharp boundary that electrons can not penetrate.

Between us and the Van Allen Belts there is a giant cloud of cool charged particles called the plasma sphere, stretching from 600 miles to the lower Belt. The electrons move quickly around the earth, the plasma sphere is strong enough to create a wall at the inner edge of the Van Allen Belt.

NASA engineers admit they can’t get past the Belts.

In 2012 was the first time two space craft were able to study the Van Allen Belt, scientists were able to observe a storm up close in March 2015, NASA describes such a storm similar to a tsunami when triggered by an earth quake. Coronal mass ejection traveling at the speed of light, would short out our electrical equipment, and depends how large the mass ejection is could black out a large portion of the earth.

In 1962 the Van Allen Belt was amplified by a nuclear explosion called THE STARFISH PRIME TEST.

The vast majority of Christians have been taught that America is simply not in Bible prophecy,no matter where one may turn, America is not there either by name or by a form of code. Thus say the American Christian clergy to their flock, the second thing they are told is that Babylon is never taught anywhere in scripture, as a nation Babylon is a system and most view it as a religious system of some sort.
Prophecy said these views would surface at the time of the end. It is the mark of apostasy to deny your identity, your sin, and the time of your visitation. In fact that is the essence of all apostasy, the rejection of the scripture as it applies to a person, community, or a nation. It is always someone else, somewhere else, and at some unknown future time. Never is it now, us and our nation.
Does it not seem odd to you that America, the greatest nation in the world, the greatest evangelical nation, took the gospel of Christ to the four corners of the world. The richest nation on the earth who has given more aid to nations than any other. The nation who have won two world wars and many others, is not even mentioned in the Bible? That GOD would forget a nation that has been the central to the survival of Isreal in this age?
That is like saying GOD is blind in one eye and can’t see out the other,it is accusing GOD of utter negligence. But it is not GOD who is negligence, it is not GOD who forgot America in prophecy. It is also not GOD who failed to paint a picture that was obvious to those that wanted to find it , it is not GOD but the false prophets of America who have utterly failed their flock. It is the prophets who allowed themselves to be mislead and therefore deceived and thus are deceivers, and hypocrites for they lead millions to ruin.
GOD told the citizens of Babylon the great exactly what would happen in America, and pointed a finger directly at the Christian shepherds, why do you suppose that GOD would do that? Why would He pick a specific group and lay the blame right at their feet? Because it is GOD’s people who are supposed to be able to identify the Anti-Christ nation. The nation that spawns the Anti-Christ, remember that the Anti-Christ rises in deception.
Have caused them to go astray Jeremiah 50: 6

There is a real issue with  the thinking of the free world, towards the middle eastern culture. The Muslims call us in the west infidels, we do not like to be labeled in this way ,infidels  the meaning is one who does not adhere to the Islam way of life, Islam is not even a religion it is an ideology, not like the Christian belief. Our freedoms are clear with the religion we wish to follow, freedom does not mean to be forced upon us.

Some people may think this is a technicality and that Islam still considers all non-Muslims to be infidels, however this is not the case, this is a very important distinction because simply calling a non-Muslim an infidel is a dehumanizing act.

Someone said, kill all the Jews and Christians how do we answer to such harsh attacks? This ia absolutely not true and it can be proven.

Mohammad never did learn to read or write, he had memorized the Quran from the angel Gabriel, (Jibril in Arabic) and he passed on this recitation down through the generations.

We know the Quran orders believers to fight in combat against those who are the oppressors, aggressors, and terrorists, and those who are assaulting and killing the innocent men ,women,  and children, however the original text says not to fight against those who are not fighting against you.

The verse in the Quran 9:5 is often mentioned to Malign Islam, the verse does not say infidels it says idolators and when the forbidden  months had passed, kill the idolators where ever you find them and take them prisoners and beleaguer them and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent and observe prayer and pay the Zakat, then leave their way free.

The Quran has many verses on Kafir who are those who reject the faith, the term infidels means unbelievers, disbelievers, or sometimes non-believers it is often used synonymously and is assumed to encompass Christians and Jews, however this is not the case. In Islam theology Christians and Jews are known as Ali-at-kitab, people of the book.


Most Muslims are immigrant families, more than 30% are African or Latino, the groups that carry a English dialogue in the US are mostly south Asian, these Muslims have deemed the acts of 9-11 and defended Islam as a religion of peace, which it is not, right wing evangelical rhetoric against Islam has grown into a business worth 40 million dollars a year in Muslim material.

Muslim groups have been opening dialogue with Christians and Jews to convince them that Islam is not a violent religion. Society has joined with social media, government media, collages, and universities to help the youth to engage with a new social media channel for inter religious and inter culture discussions.

I am a Christian and for me there is only one God and he has a son who died for our sins, so we can be forgiven for our sins while we reside on this earth, there are also 10 commandments which were given to humanity to know the laws of God and follow them. There is no mixing of religions, there is only one Creator of all that is, from the beginning we have been given a choice of good and evil we each have it in us to under stand and make the right choice. However there are also evil doers that work to enslave the good doers, whether it is physical or spiritual enslavement.

The will of good has a price to it as well as the evil, we need to strengthen our faith by asking our Father in heaven to give us the strength everyday, so there will be a chance to spend eternity with Him. The Bible is very clear about what we must do when we encounter evil and false teachings.

In the end whether we are aware of it ,or not there are only two religions one is true and the other is false, this is the test we must face daily.

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Phthalates is a chemical mimicking the female hormone estrogen, it does disrupt the development of baby boys, the first evidence linking certain chemicals in everyday plastics to effect men and boys.

The chemical Phthalates, which makes plastics more pliable in many toys, baby feeding bottles and paints. The studies suggested that these chemicals influence on the male hormone testosterone on healthy development of males, the research high lights the need for tougher controls on gender bending chemicals, says Gwynne Lyons toxic advisor to the WWF,UK ( World Wildlife Foundation) other wise wildlife and the males will be the losers.

The incriminating findings came from a study of 85 baby boys born to women exposed to everyday levels of Phthalates during pregnancy. As an index of feminization she measured the anogenital distance between the anus and the base of the penis, earlier studies have shown that the anogenital distance is twice for girls than boys.


In animals anogenital is reduced by Phthalates which mimics estrogen which keeps testosterone from doing it’s normal job, in higher doses animals develop more serious abnornmalities such as, under scended  testicles and misplaced openings to the urethra on the penis a group of symptoms called Phthalate syndrome.

New genderbendingchemicals  May 2005

Gender Bending Chemicals in the Water

In 2008 researchers of the Calgary University sampled populations of long nose minnows in Oldman and Bow Rivers, the Bow River flows through downtown where the drinking water comes from. There random catch was overwhelmingly female the males had all but vanished.

Toxic Compounds in our midst

The Alberta researchers found that the leading suspect is a broad range of potent chemicals that act on or mimic endocine hormones EDC’s the chemicals that carry signals around the body of living creatures to trigger or turn off physiological activity.

These chemicals aren’t just in hot spots down stream from cities and feed lots, some 23,000 toxic compounds are estimated to be present in the Canadian living and working environment, with 1000 new ones added every year. Another 7000 pesticide for mulations are registered with federal authorities at least 60 of these are banned in most other industrialized nations.

In Canada researchers found a clear shift towards fewer males being born, appeared in the 70’s the shift in radios had amounted to a decline of 2.2 males’s for every 1000 births.

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 21 and 2030 (SDG)

Ambassador- Mark- Andre Blanchard–permanent representative  to the United Nations


Braulio Ferreira De Sauza Dais-Executive Secretary, convention on Biological Diversity

Denise Otis————————UNHCR-United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees

Francoise Bertrand—————Chair UNA-Canada United Nurses of Alberta

Henry Paul Normandin———-Director International Relations City of Montreal

Kathryn White——————–President and CEO UNA of Canada

Sebastien Goupit—————–Canadian Commission to UNESO

Toru Hasegawa——————-Department Director Economic Development of the Air Transportation Bureau ICHO

Silvia Montoya——————–Director Institution for Statistics UNESCO

Francois LaRochelle————-President Grand Montreal ACNU

UNESCO-United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

ICAO—–International Civil Aviation Organization

ACNU—Association Canadian for United Nations


The permanent mission of Canada is the primary channel for communications between the Canadian government and the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Marc-Andre is the permanent representative to the United Nations, he leads the delegation through diplomacy negotiations and daily monitoring of UN activities we work to advance Canada’s interests and promote international development, security and human rights.

Canada has been active in the United Nations since 1945 and played key roles in drafting the UN Charter an international treaty and basic principles of international relations. Through treaties, dialogue, negotiations, relationships, the UN helps to preserve out sovereignty. It is an indispensable global organization for a globalizing world.


Overall relations with the UN and delegations of member countries, including Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, UNDP, UNICEF, and the Peace Keeping Operations.


Responsible for the offices in Geneva and delegations of member countries, The World Health Organization, The International Labour Organization, The High Commissioner for Refugees for Human Rights, and The Conference on Disarmament.


Responsible for United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organizations.


Responsible for the Atomic Energy Agency


Relations for the center for human settlements UN-HABITAT and Environment Programs UNEP


Responsible for relations with the Food and Agriculture Organization the world food program, and the International Fund for Agriculture Development


Responsible for the Civil Aviation Organization

Executive Secretary, convention on Biological Diversity

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BPA’s A is Bisphenol– an origanic synthetic compound with two hydroxyphenyl groups, it has been used since 1957.

Bisphenol A- are certain plastics and epoxy resins, BPA based plastic is clear and tough it is made into a variety of common consumer goods, such as water bottles, sports equipment, cd’s, and dvd’s. Epoxy resins containing BPA’s are used to line water pipes and coating on the inside of many food and beverage cans, and also in making thermal paper such as that used in sales receipts. In 2015 there was 4 million tonnes of BPA chemical produced for manufacturing polycarbonate plastics.

BPA inhibits estrogen mimicking hormone like properties that raise concern about it’s suitability in some consumer products and food containers. BPA is unsafe to the point that governments across the world have banned it, however the US and Canada only banned BPA for baby bottles and infant formula packaging. What about the rest of the plastics that contain BPA?

The FDA says that at current levels it is safe which occurs in the food, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reviewed the new data and experts concluded that it is unsafe for humans. The EFSA will not revise their opinion that the known levels of exposer to BPA is safe.

Patricia Hunt a geneticist and Tim A. Osswald an expert in polmar engineering at the University of Wisconsin they both agree that the BPA in plastics can work themselves free, when the plastic is heated whether it’s a Nalgene bottle in a dish washer or a food container in the microwave, or a test tube being sterilized in an autoclave.

In recent years dozens of scientists around the globe have linked BPA to a myriad health problems such as, mammary and prostate cancer, genital defects in males, early on set of puberty in females, obesity, and even behavior problems such as attention- deficit hyper activity disorder.

Hunt focuses on aneuploidy, which is an abnormal number of chromosomes in eggs that causes birth defects, and miscarriages. Hunt exposed pregnant mice to BPA just as the ovaries in their developing female fetuses were producing a life time of eggs, when the exposed fetuses became adults, 40% of the eggs were corrupted we’re actually affecting three generations simultaneously Hunt said.

The roots of kabbalah were modernized in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag the first master kabbalist to modernize this closely guarded wisdom, as they call it. Kabbalah is an esoteric method discipline and school of thought that originated in Judaism, a kabbalish in Judaism is called a mekubbal. Another name for kabbalah one much more revealing is Torat ha-sod, that is mistranslated as THE SECRET TEACHING, the proper translation means the opposite THE TEACHING OF A SECRET.

To a kabbalist the ultimate paradise is here now, because the infinite light is here now and more than any spiritual realm, this is where the infinite light yearns to be discovered. Our job is to peel away the husk to reveal that light with in each physical artifact of the world, to enlighten not only ourselves but every living being, and even the inert matter of our world. A received wisdom would seem to imply that no room for originality or creativity, the Zohar tells us that one who creates his own ideas and calls them Torah is creating an idol.


Infinite light- is a metaphor for GOD in unknowable and without form, yet all forms come from Him, and GOD is found in darkness as well as light.

Is GOD an it?-Similar to the modern idea of energy and matter, the act of creation is sustained through a dynamics of infinite light compressed into defined states of being called vessels, which then project the light to create a myriad of beings.

It is natural to think that the problem started with Adam and Eve, since you are getting your information from a translation. Joshua Yerushalayim says: the translations is B- Ray sheet Barah ke-lokim et , Joshua claims that it doesn’t mean in the beginning GOD created.

What happened in the beginning was that the infinite one made space within itself for our world, and extended itself into that space but the vessels could not endure the power of that divinity and vessel shattered. It was Adam’s job to repair the damage, but he wanted to prove he could do better than that, and so he ate the fruit. jewish kabbalah


Kabbal;ah is a satanic substitute for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Madonna is a big fan of kabbalah, kabbalah is straight from the free mason occult and is based upon occult mysticism from the book of Zohar. It’s teachings offers interpretations of the inner meanings of the Torah. The kabbalah will take you away from Yahushua (Jesus Christ) Jesus was no follower of the kabbalah.

The kabbalah promises many things to help out in your life, by taking away grief, pain, misery, worries, and many other things. On the contrary the word of GOD promises us persecution if we live Godly in Christ we will suffer persecution.  2 Timothy 3:12,  John 15:20 reads the servant is not greater than his Lord, if they have persecuted me, they shall also persecute you.

Kabbalah mysticism is the base of free masonry, rostcrucianism, the illuminati, knights Templar, and others their holy book of Zohar has spell-oils, insense blends produced according to kabbalah, there advertisement on this witch craft site says it all.



Geopolitics is a way to study foreign policy to understand, explain, and predict international behavior through geographical variables. These include, area studies, climate, topography, demography, natural resources, and applied science being evaluated. Geopolitics focuses on political power, territorial waters, land territory in correlation with diplomatic history. Topics of geopolitics include relations between the interests of international political actors, interests focused to an area, space, geographyical elements, by showing their political/idealogical functions for great powers during and after the age of imperialism.

In 2014 geopoliticals rivalries have stormed back to center stage, whether Russian forces seizing Crimea or China making an aggressive claims to coastal waters, Japan increasing assertive strategy of it’s own, Iran trying to use alliances with Syria to dominate the middle east old fashion power plays are back.

The United States and the EU would rather focus on instead of a world order and global governance, the US and EU policy has to shift relations from zero sums to win-win ones. As the atmosphere turns dark, the task of promoting and maintaining world order grows more daunting.

China, Iran, and Russia never bought into geopolitics, they are making increasingly forceful attempts to over turn it, that process will not be peaceful and whether or not the revisionists succeed, their efforts have already shaken the balance of power.

We will have to keep an eye on the direction of this political idealogical, no matter which direction it goes it will effect all of us.