Motion also called for condemning the horrific acts perpetrated by ISIS, yet the Liberals voted against it.

After the Conservatives introduced an anti-ISIS motion in the House of Commons, the Trudeau Liberals disturbingly voted against it.

December 1, 2017 — Mr. Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles) — That the House:

(a) condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS;

(b) acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians;

(c) call on the government to bring to justice and prosecute any ISIS fighter returning to Canada; and

(d) insist that the government make the security and protection of Canadians its priority, rather than the reintegration of ISIS fighters, or the unnecessary financial payout to a convicted terrorist, like Omar Khadr.



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The Canadian people who respect each others rights and freedoms are very disturbed with the liberal government with their lack of respect for the Canadians who elected him in, many Canadians were fooled by the lies he used to influence the the citizens to elect him into power. Now that he is in he is making a point of destroying everything Canada stands for, the Canadian people are angry and wondering what we as citizens can do to stop George Soros’s puppet from doing more damage. If we have to wait till the elections in 2019 we are fearful that the economy and our right will be exchanged with the Islamic laws, and the Canada’s laws will be diluted to the level where it is weak.

We have no choice but to take it to the next level, since the Attorney General has only so much he can do and the world already see’s Trudeau as a spineless human being he is being mocked, laughed at for the polices he is making. nothing he is doing is for Canadians it is all for the immigrants with the help from the puppet masters, this is not what the Canadian people expect from our leaders.