The government say’s all genetically modified foods have been approved and are considered by the government to be safe as their traditional counter parts generally not regulated. If the GMO’s are as safe as they say, then why is the population suffering from allergen’s, increased toxicity, decreased nutrition, and antibiotic resistance.


The concern is that the protein does elicit an immune response in human’s increase.


Most plants produce toxic substances to humans but at very low levels, there is a concern that inserting an exotic gene into plants does produce toxins at higher levels that is dangerous to humans.


An inserted gene does cause a plant to produce higher levels of phytate decreasing the mineral nutritional value of the plant.


Biotechnologists use antibiotic resistance genes as select able markers when inserting new genes into plants. The concern is that the bacteria living in the gut of an animal or human picks up the antibiotic resistance gene before the DNA becomes fully digested. The question we need to ask is that if this is the kind of things happen with GMO’s, then why is the government allowing this to continue? Sounds like these are serious side effects.


The Institute for RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY reported that the rats fed a diet of gmo potatoes had virtually every organ system adversely affected, after just 10 days of feeding. Scientists studied the effects of gmo’s and said there were no basics on the IRT report. It makes a person wonder about the information that is supplied by the government and their payed off scientists who say that gmo’s have no effect on humans. If it were true then why have so many countries in Europe banned the use of gmo’s?

The truth is we don’t know enough about gmo’s to deem them safe, a large population is needed over a period of time to do studies to see if gmo’s are safe or not, we in North America would be a good testing ground. There are a multitude of credible scientific studies who are not connected with the government to clearly demonstrate why gmo’s should not be consumed.

There is more research to be done with gmo’s, so far this is what we know:

1– Multiple toxins from gmo’s have been detected in material and fetal blood.

2– DNA from gmo’s crops are transferred into humans who eat gmo foods.

3– New studies link gmo foods to gluten disorders that affect 18 million people in the US.

4– Studies link gmo corn to tumors in rats.

5– Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells.