Canada’s Shadow Government and its Silent Coup

The same powerful families that have over time co-owned or exclusively own the means of mental, financial, food and industrial production have effectively owned every gov’t that has ever been elected in Canada. They also financially support and nurture the politicians, bureaucrats and judges who do the day-today work of governing for them not us. I think the current Trudeau gov’t is a perfect example. Apart from some window dressing political moves this gov’t is following and in some ways deepening the neo-liberal agenda that Harper inherited from Mulroney, Cretien and Martin. If you look at the history of Canada decisions have not ever been made for the majority; they have always been made with the idea in mind of enriching and further empowering the oligarchy.The Irvings, the Westons the Demarais and the Thomsons to name but four of these families really rule Canada. It is really not much different than the USA except our military capitalists operate on a much smaller scale.


James (J.K) Irving was born on March 20, 1928. He is a Canadian business magnate. He has forestry business and his group controls various other businesses including Food and Home Building, Irving’s Media Holdings etc. After entrusting most of the business duties to his sons, he is now focusing on conservationism.

After the demise of his father K C Irving in the year 1992, he took over the responsibility and ownership of the companies including J.D. Irving Limited., and Brunswick News. The conglomerate J.D. Irving Limited, which is one of the largest private firms in Atlantic Canada, has interests in frozen food, building supplies, newsprint, pulp and paper, ship building, shipping lines and transportation. As part of the expansion spree, he owns more than 300 subsidiaries.

He was an officer of Order of Canada in 1996 and a member at Order of New Brunswick in the year 2010. He was also a member of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. He was also engaged in preserving the Atlantic Salmon. He also started Parters Assisting Local Schools Program for the schoolchildren Saint John N.B.

James Irving has a net worth of US$6.3 Billion. He along with his brother Arthur Irving ranks 4th in the richest persons list of Forbes in Canada.

James Irving – Family , Family Tree



In 1882, a young Toronto bread salesman and former baker’s apprentice named George Weston went into business for himself when he bought a bread route from his employer. By the turn of the century, Weston’s Bread was known throughout the city and George Weston had become Canada’s biggest baker.

In 1924, George’s eldest son, Garfield Weston, followed in his father’s footsteps and became president of George Weston Limited. In spite of war and the depression, Garfield transformed his father’s Toronto bakery into a commercial food empire with holdings on several continents.

Then, in the early 1970s, a third generation took charge as W. Galen Weston successfully consolidated an unwieldy conglomerate that appeared headed for financial disaster. Most recently, Galen G. Weston has assumed responsibility for the company’s largest asset, Loblaw Companies Limited, as George Weston Limited undergoes another period of transformation in response to a rapidly changing business environment.

Over more than a century and a quarter, thousands of employees of George Weston Limited and its subsidiaries have built an enterprise that has persevered and prospered through good times and bad to become one of Canada’s most successful companies.

Today, perhaps the most recognizable family member to the average Canadian is Weston’s son, Galen Weston Jr., also known as Galen G. Weston, who frequently appears in commercials for Loblaw grocery stores and President’s Choice label foods. But the family’s empire in Canada dates back to the late 19th century.

as of 10/21/18
  • Galen Weston is chairman emeritus of George Weston, the Canadian food and retail giant founded by his grandfather in 1882.
  • After successfully running grocery and retail stores in Ireland, his father handed him the reins to the struggling Loblaws supermarket chain in 1972.
  • He turned the company around, by lopping off underperforming stores and redesigning the rest.
  • His son, Galen Jr., now runs both George Weston Ltd. and Loblaws, which acquired Canadian drugstore chain Shoppers for about $12 billion in July 2013.
  • Weston also owns a group of upscale retailers: Canada’s Holt Renfrew, Ireland’s Brown Thomas and UK department store Selfridges.

Early Notables of the Demarais Family (pre 1700)

Notable amongst the family in this period was Baldwin I, Lord of Marets in the 11th century, as well as Hugues Maret, the first Priest at the Benedictine Abbey of Valbenoite, in 1108. Jean Desmarets (1595-1676), Sieur de (Lord of) Saint-Sorlin was the author of many volumes of poetry and critical…
Their grandfather built it. Their fathers expanded it. Now the fate of one of Canada’s biggest corporate empires is in the hands of two 34-year-old cousins who are largely untested in the business world.
The Desmarais family controls Power Corp. of PWCDF 1.73% Canada, whose interests include stakes in giant companies on three continents. The clan is sometimes described as the closest thing Canada has to business royalty, its power amplified by close ties to presidents, prime ministers, bureaucrats and business titans all over the world.
Power Corp.’s assets include several publicly traded companies that together make up a roughly $48 billion empire. In the U.S., it owns mutual-fund manager Putnam Investments LLC through subsidiaries. In Europe, it owns stakes in companies such as cement giantLafargeHolcim Ltd. and French utility Engie through a partnership with Belgian billionaire Albert Frère. The family has footholds in a number of Chinese companies, including a 10% stake in China Asset Management Co., and were among the first Western investors in that country. And in Canada, it controls a fleet of insurers and money managers, such as Great-West Lifeco Inc.
Roy Herbert Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet:
Roy Thomson was (born June 5, 1894, Toronto, Ont., Can.—died Aug. 4, 1976, London, Eng.), Canadian-born British publisher, owner of The Times of London and other newspapers and communications media.
Early in life Thomson worked as a clerk and salesman, later failed as a prairie farmer and supplier of motor parts, then sold radios successfully and built his own radio station at North Bay, Ont., which brought in advertising revenue and helped to sell radio sets. In 1933 Thomson opened a second station, at Timmins, 200 miles (320 km) farther north. In 1934 he took over an ailing Timmins weekly newspaper and made it a daily; two other radio stations were added, and by 1944 four more. That year he also acquired four newspapers. He moved back to Toronto, and his chain of newspapers grew to include some in the United States, where, in 1960, he purchased the Brush Moore group.
In 1952 Thomson was defeated as a Conservative candidate for election to Canada’s federal Parliament, but, in the same year, he was invited to buy The Scotsman newspaper and went to Edinburgh to run it. Seeing its potential, he also took up the franchise of Scottish television. He left the Canadian side of his business to his son Kenneth’s management but, regarding Canada as his base, continued to expand there into television. In 1959 he acquired the Kemsley group of newspapers, the largest in Britain, which included the Sunday Times, to which he added (1962) Britain’s first colour magazine supplement. In 1963 he became a British citizen, set up the Thomson Foundation, and in 1964 was created a baron. In 1967 he made his most outstanding newspaper purchase, The Times of London. Lord Thomson strove to give the newspaper needed financial stability with an initial investment of £5,000,000. In 1972, in his last major venture, he formed a consortium with Occidental and Getty Oil to acquire a North Sea oil concession.
We can kid ourselves into believing there is no Shadow Government but that doesn’t make them not exist. The four families mentioned above are who are in control of the direction Canada is lead, these families are also connected with the top wealthy on earth. Canadians look forward to elections to try and change the direction of the country, and we Canadians continue to elect the same government worker bee’s we will not be able to break this cycle of being pushed further into the loss of everything we value.
We as Canadians need to take a step back and look at the big picture, look at what is happening in the US, weather we like or dislike Trump he sees what the elite with the help of the New World Order has in mind for everyone on earth, total control equals slavery. Here in Canada we need to look outside of the government to find a leader who does not agree with the agenda of the elites as well as the One World Government.
The “Council of Chief Executives” CCCE describes itself as a “not-for-profit, non-partisan organization” of CEOs of Canada’s largest corporations. They are the shadow government devoted to theft and genocide! It controls many trillions in stolen Indigenous assets. Formerly called the “Business Council on National Issues” BCNI, its membership is a Who’s Who of Canadian business and politics. Have a look. They are accountable only to the shareholders that own the Corporation of Canada.
Canada is a plutocracy run on bribes and corruption. Paul and Andre Desmarais, co-CEOs of Power Corporation, are called “Canada’s Rockefellers” for their enormous wealth, influence, and political power. They shape, influence and dictate Canadian foreign and domestic policy. The Canadian Council of Chief Executives controls national policy in the interest of the few, and drafts legislation favorable to them.
Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”—Theodore Roosevelt