We as citizens of North America are well aware of the censorship across you tube, google, and social media sites the censorship is not for hate speech or racist comments, however it is a war on people who inform the nation about the truth. There is no reason for these sites to allow groups to spread lies and hatred about people or attack religious groups like Christians who have been centered out in today’s society as being liars and haters of people in general. Christians are not allowed to mention their faith on these sites if they were to, the penalty is being blocked, not allowed to post for a time, or just create a bottle neck to slow the time it takes to post.

The values and morals North America has been founded on have been pushed off to the way side, this has been forced upon Canadians by the feminist with the help of the liberal government. If there is censorship then let it be across the nation one law for all, but this is not the case it is clear that anyone who is not the white race can post anything from racism, violence,rape, hatred, and have other countries values forced upon Canadian citizens. When we as Canadians visit or move to another country we are not allowed to change their laws to suit our needs. What gives people the rights to enter Canada and force change in our government?

It is easy to see who is not following the liberal face book agenda, l feel this is not acceptable considering we live in a country that has free to opinion laws this shows what our freedom’s are worth.

What happened to citizens of a countries rights. One of the biggest problems we face today is there are too many people who go out of their way to be politically correct,this is very non-productive for a country that is rich in raw materials.