After listening to Michelle Rempel we need to be more focused with the direction we want to take against the liberal agenda. We have many platforms to work on, however we as Canadians are not focused enough to effect change as we are today. The liberal government are focused on their agenda on forcing their bills through the house without the input of the Canadian people, even though they have a majority government this is not a democratic Canada.  We as the opposition must become focused on how we proceed to oppose the destruction of the Canadian values. 

It is not enough to post news about the wrongs they are forcing upon us, we must get more involved, there are so many things we can do to affect change in favor of Canadian citizens. We can keep an eye on our MLA’s in our area and if they are not following the betterment of Canadians,then we as citizens start petitions to show that the direction the MLA’s are not doing things in our best interest, l hear many Canadians say petitions are a waste of time. l as well as many MP’s disagree with the idea of Canadians don’t think petitions work ,where as they do and are very effective.

Another way we can do our part to affect change is to hold demonstrations in our areas when issues arise that is not in favor of helping Canadians as a whole, the most effective way to affect change is to let our voices be loud and clear also with one voice like the opposition. It will also help to get businesses involved because they are a greater leverage for the cause to effect change, also donations to the parties who are working for change on our behalf in Ottawa.

Firstly we must focus on the election coming this fall of the premier of the provinces, meaning Kathleen Wynne for Ontario, as l mentioned above we as Canadians need to be focused on this fall. To stop Wynne in her tracks from being elected for another term. lt is getting late but we still have time, to let the liberals know that we as Canadians are disgusted with her attitude towards our great country Canada. She has no consideration for anyone except her own ideology of what she thinks Canada should be, we are aware this is not right in a democratic country like Canada.

I will keep posting and looking forward to the march April 2, hope everyone is going to be out April 2 to show that we have had enough with the liberals. Remember it is all about the numbers at the marches that will affect change for the betterment of Canadians.