The Prime Minister of Canada will be holding a vote on February 16, 2017, Motion M103, that if passed, will enact Islamic Blasphemy Laws in Canada creating a defacto Sharia compliant state on the Northern border of the United States.

In order to push this vote forward, Trudeau has diabolically employed psychological warfare tactics created by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has smeared the entire Canadian population with the lie that they are Islamophobic.

Not only is this false, but it is cruel and unusual emotional and mental abuse that could very well be a human rights issue in itself.  To give the motion further gravitas, Trudeau has deployed a Muslim woman Member of Parliament from Ontario, Iqra Khalid,  to put the Islamic Blasphemy/Islamophobia Law forward. Iqra Khalid was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada in the 1990’s. She is a Liberal Member of Parliament, a Muslim, and a former President of York University’s MSA. Interestingly enough, despite noting her work as President of a Pakistani student club, her official Liberal Party website makes no mention of her work as President of the York University Muslim Student’s Association.”

If Canadians are not able to speak out about the issues resulting from Islamic Law and  jihad they will be put in grave danger.  It will also bring danger to Canadians as well as Americans as there are many places on the border where it is possible to simply walk across without a border crossing. resident Donald Trump has the Islamic Global Jihad in his cross hairs and for good reason.  We can all see what the unhindered importation of Islam into Europe is doing. Trump seeks to protect his citizens from this and preserve western civilization as a whole.

In his arrogance, Trudeau announced he would welcome all “refugees” who are included in President Trump’s travel pause from seven failed nation states, as the US vetting process goes under some changes. Trudeau’s thwarting of Trump’s plan bodes ill for their upcoming meeting & this creation of Canada into an Islamic State won’t help either. Coincidentally, the day after Trudeau announced his desire to welcome the supposed rejected “refugees”entering the US, a tragic shooting took place at a Mosque in Quebec where 6 Muslims were killed by a young Canadian man.  At first it was reported that there were two suspects, a Muslim and a Canadian. The worshippers heard one of them scream, Allah Akbar. The Muslim suspect was held for 15 hours and then released as only a witness.

We think that Trudeau is arrogant and dumb and has a undeniable hatred for Canadians, this is partly true however the reason for the allowance of refugees or immigrants allowed into Canada is for the votes in 2019. He is trying to do the same thing as Clinton in the USA we need to stop him from allowing this to continue, only Canadian citizens should be allowed to vote or immigrants who have been working for at least one year to show that they are contributing to the Canadian economy.

Trudeau and his Islamic Muslim MP’s will stop at nothing to bring as many Muslims into Canada before the 2019 elections, there is nothing flimsy about Islamophobia as this face book post shows, here is the article, the story was then framed around the one young Canadian man who was built up to be an “Islamophobic” white supremacist, Trump supporter with  flimsy “evidence” for this taken from his Facebook page Trudeau’s office interfered and demanded Fox News remove a tweet that named the Muslim suspect that Fox had reported from Canadian media and all other news outlets had also reported.