The idea of  learning is there for the general public to learn not to be mislead, after the shows that have been aired in the past 10 years it is apparent that the idea of a learning channel has gone like our rights to tell the truth. We need the truth in our lives if we discard it then we will be in a world where nothing that is said is believable, also many have no issue with non truth l for one am not able to feel comfortable with myself. l do not think that before long nothing can be counted on as being believable, we see documentaries, the news that is suppose to inform us has all gone astray. For the chief of discovery channel to say what he said does not reassure us, in the link .

The discovery channel is drawing fire after airing a documentary that is closer to science fiction than science fact, the discovery channel kicked of a month called shark week called Megalodon. The monster shark that lives, sounds like a great premise with a maximum length of 60 feet and teeth the size of butchers knifes, the Megalodon is the history’s most feared predator.

There is a problem with this, the Megalodon has been extinct for over 1 million years, the discovery crew hires actors in search for the shark off the coast of Africa. There the expedition is mounted following the release of fake footage showing a fishing vessel taken down by a massive sea dwelling predator nick named submarine.

In Wikipedia it says that the discovery crew claims that Megalodon lives in 2013 mockumentary first aired in America or discovery channel about prehistoric sharks, Megalodon has long since been extinct, it’s format is that of a documentary that includes accounts of professionals in various fields related to Megalodon. It follows a similar format about Mermaids claims of body found.

The shark week ranked as the biggest episode to date with 4.8 million viewers, a similar program airing on Animal Planet attempted to describe dragons in a scientific manner. After seeing this kind of misleading for ratings there seems like there is not much that can be counted on as truth or learning about anything.

We have entered a new age where there is nothing that is believable or  be trusted in what we see or hear, this just makes life more harder to find the truth. However this life style is not for me, l enjoy things l can depend on so l learn to do a lot of research for the truth, and expose the lies a long the way.

Discovery Channel Chief Promises to Stop Airing Bad Fake Documentaries


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