Rural Ontario is quietly being sold off to China, the further implementation of agenda 21. Ontario’s mayors are the salesmen for our land and resources, without we as citizens having no say.

Ontario politicians are corrupt to the core, the “end game”, appears to be set on the fast track for Ontario’s rural communities that have been virtually ruined by successive provincial government with their agenda 21. The idea is to devalue the properties by making them virtually unliveable with green wind projects, and raising the cost of living beyond the ability to pay and when that is completed put a huge for sale sign on it for foreign countries to bid on.

Here is the formal plan for “immigrant placement” within south western Ontario, where the plans have been laid to followed by these government policies. Center for International Goverance  Inovation  “CIGI”. The University of Waterloo are setting up a policy panel which in turn advises political leaders how to manipulate the lands and resources that we live on for investing in foreign countries.

Foreign governments to literally pay the way for an elected official to attend any type of negotiations, regarding our sovereign lands could actually be perceived as boarder line treason. Without a doubt this country is being sold out so the elected government can stay in power, there needs to be accountability.


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