Aga Klan a billionaire religious leader and close friend of Trudeau, is founder of the Development Foundation for Child Health to which Trudeau’s government gave 55 million dollars to improve child health in Afghanistan. The liberal and conservative government 16 projects going back to 2004 indicating a long standing relationship. So we need to ask would this be a problem considering that Aga Klan is a long time friend, the conflict of interest is what is in question.

When the prime minister takes half of his staff including the liberals who are involved with the decision making, such as the grants to Aga Klan would involve decisions and recommendations from the public servants who are suppose to be non-partisian in assessing such requests. it is also safe to assume that the grant to Aga Klan would have come up in discussing weather to be approved or not, these civil servants would be less objective awarding the funds, than other wise would have been.

Trudeau should not have talked about work or grants while on vacation with his family and friends, however judging the history of the lies this vacation was nothing more than to sway the civil servants to be less objective in their decisions.

Since l first posted this in 2016 there is an investigation for the conduct of Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau’s trip to Aga Khan’s private island under investigation by ethics watchdog

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