CBC recieves more than CTV and Global but they want more, Trudeau promised them 150 million a year, they also get 100 million from the tax payers every month,that’s right every month. Their bias, socialist, anti semitics news does not go over well with the public who are looking for information that can be counted on to being true.

The fifth Estate was found guilty of false unfounded facts and false impressions,Dr Leenan was awarded 950thousand dollars and a cost award of 800 thousand dollars as CBC had to in a libel law suit, for 10,,000 thousand and an apology Dr Leenan would have let it go, but CBC refused it. CBC appealed to the highest court and lost, with yet another cost award. The reason for the law suit was Fifth Estate story was about CCB’s heart medications, claiming that the approved drug was dangerous and doctors were covering up the facts for personal gain. The CBC Fifth Estate was an expensive mistake and we the tax payers are paying for their mistakes.

When Andrew Weaver and Neil Swart of the university of Victoria school of earth and ocean Sciences published their paper on natural climate change compairing enivronmental impact of burning Alberta’s tar sands are harmful and detrimental contributions to global warming, the media changed the way they presented the report. The media said that the tar sands made a very small impact on the fuels compared. The public was given the impression that there was a small impact then as previosly though. Tar sands advocacy groups jumped on the wagon with the news saying that they were right all along. In 2007 maclean’s magazine ran a story about the papilloma virus vaccine and they focused on the grave health risks including potentially death, because of the bias reporting in Ontario the acceptance of the vaccine was 50% at best in the first year with no improvement. In Halifax where the local media presented positive and balanced reports, the acceptance was 80%.

These media’s sources have a to moderate liberal bias, they often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words, wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stero types to favor liberal causes. These sources are generally trust worthy for information but do require further investigation. Fair and unbias reporting is not in the CBC, CTV, agenda for keeping the public informed if that is the case then why should we support them? We need to dismantle the main streem media that has their own agenda on what they think we should hear.

The CBC recieves advertising, cable, satellite fees greater than CTV and Global, yet it is not enough, CBC recieves 150 million a year from the government and they also get 120 million from thr tax payers a year. The fall of 2016 they asked the government for 400 million as an increase in funding, in total they recieve 562 million a year for giving bias and fake news it is time to say no to this mis use of funds.

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