The electoral fraud committed by someone with access to the federal conservative party’s data base of voters information prompted calls to be accountable for any misuse or loss. In a ruling over shadowed by the senate expense scandal federal court Judge Richard Mosley found that electoral fraud had occurred in several riding in 2011 election. The Judge pointed a finger at the Conservative party, someone engaged in voter suppression tactics including phone calls, to non Conservative voters telling them their polling stations had been moved.

There should be terms for protecting access and if a breach occurs then the party should be held liable,Conacher said. BC’S Micheal Vonn says political parties should be investigated and be sanction offenders. Politicians have carved out a rule-free zone, Vonn said. Other than criminal law or torts,there are no statutes for political parties. We need to question why that would be?

When Fred DeLorey was asked all he said is we take our security very seriously, he refused however to elaborate. Judge Mosley said the tories had engaged in trench war fare to prevent the case from being heard. There needs to be penalties, Vonn said. A federal political party could get my information and do anything with it ,she said.

Lately alot of allegations have been made that there were election irregularities and some out right crimes committed in the 2011 election. When one thinks about the election skulduggery of the last 6 years, it is clear that Canada does a poor job of getting to the bottom of some serious crimes. A short list that bothers me :

RCMP: interence in 2006 election, a million dollar life insurance policy to Chuck Cadman there was a tape.

MP Bill Casey: expelled for voting against the budget in 2008.

CALL TO VOTERS: saying NDP candidate with draws from the race.

LARRY SMITH and FABIAN MANNING promises were made that violated the crimminal code.

In the last election more than 9.4 million people ellgible to vote didn’t cast a ballot, even worse the age group with the lowest turn out was 18-24. Many Canadians are headed to the polls in 2015 worried about potential for the illegal manipulation of the votes, and showing as little trust in the elections as people in some Latin America countries. Out of 26 countries 1 out of 5 express trust, an equal proportion have no trust, 57% say some trust. The facts are nearly 70% are concerned that political parties may try to maniplate the future elections through illegal means.     



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